3 Must-Have Sunglasses Styles for an Oval Face

We often find ourselves buying a pair of sunglasses that we think will look nice, then later come to find out they don’t. It’s always good to know what face shape you have before buying a pair of sunglasses. If you are like me, oval face and all, then here are three sunglasses styles that work for oval faces.

Having an oval-shaped face it means a narrower forehead, high cheekbones, and narrower chin. It also means hitting the jackpot when it comes to pulling off just about any pair of sunglasses. Then, there are times where the sunglasses are too big or too small, making our faces not so attractive.

1—Slight cat eye style. With a slight cat eye style, not only will your face look slimmer but it also helps raise attention to your eyes instead of your chin. Due to our narrower cheekbones, a slight cat eye, or even a retro cat eye style, becomes a new favorite.

2—Half-moon round style. A half-moon round style is neither all the way round nor all the way square, it’s an in between. This sunglasses style is one of my favorites because it enhances all the right features. With a half-moon round style, not only will you focus more on the sunglasses, but also on the appealing features of your face.

3—Bring it around town round style. For a bring it around town round style, as I call them, these sunglasses are as round as they get. They often have a line across the unibrow area making the style edgier. This style of sunglasses goes with about any hairstyle as well as clothes. With its edgy style, there is no going wrong!

Next time you buy a pair of sunglasses make sure you know your face shape. If you are an oval shape, make sure to give these three sunglasses style a try. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Let me know if you give these sunglasses style a try in the comments below, as well as other styles you think I must try!

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