3 Ways to Change Up Your Beach Day

Do you ever want to make the most of your beach day? Change up the routine a little, and enjoy a different trip to the beach? Get ready to relax and unwind on your next trip to the beach with these ideas:

1—Pick the perfect spot to gaze at. Beaches, in general, are usually packed, so finding the perfect spot could be tedious and quite difficult. So why not get a little lost? Sometimes you find the perfect spot by just looking at places you would never expect. A perfect beach spot, for example, is one overlooking the sand and waters or a spot more secluded than most. The spot I picked is right off the parking lot with a trail towards the beach.

2—Have a picnic in your trunk. Usually, I would bring down my beach mat and head over to the sand, but other days call for having rare beach picnics in the trunk of your car! Especially if the beach you’re headed to may not have much shade. Make the most of your backseat picnic with some blankets and many many pillows (you could never have too much fluff). Having a set-up like so creates the atmosphere almost one of camping and would, sure enough, add a different perspective to your beach day!

3—Relax and unwind to “moonrise” gazing. When the sun sets, there are many more places to discover and relax to. While having a beach day with some girlies, we accidentally came across the moon rising! I have not witnessed watching the moon rise before, but while sharing stories with my friends, we were in awe with the breath-taking view in front of us. Going moonrise gazing you should research where the sun sets and where the moon rises to plan out your day-long event at the beach.

Living on an island, surrounded by water I am always looking for ways to make the most of my beach day and some creative things to do! As the summer comes to an end, I want to relish most of it by relaxing and reflecting on this amazing summer with friends and family. A beach-vibe like this is perfect for bonding and for a toned down day from the rest of our hectic schedules. Here’s a cheers to a great summer!

What is your definition of a perfect beach day? Share with us in the comments below! And, don’t forget to share your beach day on social with #stylegurulove and tag @CFashionista

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