30 Days of Denim Day 19

Whether part of a casual campus collection or a posh party piece, designer denim is in the fashion forefront for tireless and trendy day-to-night transitions. And that’s just what I was looking for as I browsed Amazon Fashion – denim I could cursively convert within five minutes. In haute heaven, my cursor suddenly stopped its scroll for 7 For All Mankind’s Duchess Garden jean. 24 hours later I tore through the plastic packaging to get to the florally goodness inside. My first-ever designer jeans fit like a glittery glove. I was in love, I was in love and I didn’t care who knew it.

My denim debut was lecture hall suitable. The chambray complemented the denim’s dominant hue while my white t-shirt was a basic backdrop for any pant pattern. Cropped to capris and paired with flats, these jeans couldn’t get any more casually chic for fashionably fulfilling any campus commitment.

Now, for the real mod magic. A simple switch in soles and a shirt swap was all it took to transform from campus cutie to downtown deity. The high waist nearly met the sequined seam of my crop top, which made for elegant exposure every Fashionista’s confidence craves on a night out. Additionally, the tan tint of my wedges, top and bag deemed the decorative denim nothing short of a stylishly strong statement.

Fashionistas know there’s a time and place for every ensemble and denim is the single staple that’s stylishly sufficient for both on-campus obligations and evening engagements.

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