4 Clever Hacks For Flawless Foundation

When you find your favorite foundation, ultimately you believe each and every time you apply it you will look flawless. That’s the point of foundation right? Foundation has the capability to even out our complexion, cover whatever we want to cover, and generally help us feel confident. The key word is “capability.”

There have been so many times that I have found great foundations that I fall in love with at the store, only to be disappointed when it doesn’t live up to it’s hype once I get home. And while I would love to be able to blame the product, the less than flawless look often comes down to user error (aka my own fault).

After taking some self-responsibility and a lot of trial and error, I have discovered some simple tricks for applying my foundation that I know will have a decent end result.

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1—Using a beauty sponge
A whole new world opened up to me when I discovered a Beauty Blender. I use mine damp, then bounce it on my skin to blend product. What is so great about these sponges is the way it mimics natural skin and effortlessly blends our your foundation. I also love the Beauty Blender because it picks up excess product, so if you apply a little too much there’s no need to worry.

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Over the years face primers have gotten quite popular but some people still do not have any in their makeup arsenal. Depending on your skin type, some primers can make a world of difference. Some primers blur your pores, hydrate your skin, or add radiance to your face. If you have a skin ‘need,’ there’s a primer that can aid it.
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3—Setting spray
Every time I get asked for any makeup tips I find myself talking about setting spray. I’m someone who gets carried away with setting powder, so sometimes my face looks cakey or dry. Once I have applied all powder products, I use rosewater spray to make me look more dewy and natural. It ‘melts’ the powders in place and allows your skin to look more radiant. Some setting sprays make your makeup last all night, some are hydrating, and others focus on keeping you matte all day long.
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4—Use less powder
Bouncing off what I said about applying a ton of powder to my face, I have to remind myself constantly that “less is more”. If you’re extra oily, using less powder might be a huge sacrifice for you. Only applying powder to your t-zone, your forehead, nose and chin, is typically a good amount and should set your oiliest spots. Using less powder not only makes you look more radiant, but also makes your skin look more natural.

If there’s anything to learn about makeup, it’s that it comes down to trying what works for you. Finding the best products and methods of application can take some time, but that’s what makes makeup fun, right?

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