5 Tips Every Girl Needs Before Applying Self-Tanner

Self-tanning can be a tricky ordeal. I can specifically remember sporting bright orange hands at my senior year prom in high school. I thought getting a spray tan the night before was the way to go, meaning I wasted about $30 for a machine to spray me with orange pigment that would eventually come off in scaly patches. This is not to say spray tans are a bad thing, but there is a more affordable and reliable method for achieving that desired bronzed glow. Read on to learn the best way to achieve a realistic and glowy tan using self-tanner!

1—Exfoliate. Exfoliating is an essential step prior to applying self-tanner. In addition to shaving, try using a scrub that has a natural exfoliant to really help scrub off dry skin and grime. Additionally, try using a body brush to make your skin as smooth as possible. These steps will ensure non-streaky application and a long-lasting glow.

2—Acquire a blending lotion. A blending lotion is simply any plain, unscented lotion that will help ensure that your self-tanner of choice does not sink and settle into creases or dry skin. It is imperative that you apply a blending lotion into your elbows, knees, knuckles, and in between your fingers and toes. Allow the lotion to fully sink in before you apply your self-tanner.

3—Use self-tanning mitts. Self-tanning mitts help protect your hands from turning orange. If you do not want to buy mitts, use baking soda as a self-tanning hack to wash away the pigment. To utilize the baking soda hack, simply scrub your hands with a mix of baking soda and water. Once you are done, make sure to apply a thin layer of self-tanner to your hands and blend it into your wrists to help make your glow look natural.

4—Allow plenty of dry time. Self-tanner is definitely something you want to apply the night before the day you need it. It typically takes anywhere between 8-15 hours to fully develop and during that time, it typically does not smell incredible. Avoid wearing or sitting on any white fabrics during your dry time and shower off the smell before your event.

5—Moisturize. The absolute best way to help prolong your tan is to moisturize! I recommend slathering on a rich moisturizer or body oil while your skin is still wet from the shower. This will help your skin fully absorb the lotion. Applying a moisturizer regularly will help your skin stay healthy and help your tan fade naturally.

Following the tips listed above can help you achieve a fake self-tan that is free from embarrassment.

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