Guess what? The sun is blazin' out!

So what to do Fashionista/os cover their eyes with? What types of shades do you wear?

When the sun is out it is time to turn to blazers and shades. First, blazers are the way to go because they are the stylish jackets that are good in any weather (from layering to being the go-to jacket). Ladies, take a hint from the men; blazers are perfect for the female figure. Turn to S.A.'s fashion police post that addresses issues in getting fitted for a blazer. Do not forget to wear spring colors, focus on details and do not shy away vibrant patterns. Today's Fashionisto is sporting sharp shades and a velvet blazer. The velvet blazer is a unique take on the blazer – check out other materials such as corduroy or lace material. has an enormous selection of blazers so be sure to check out their website here.

Also, one must remember to protect their eyes, even when it is cloudy out. Besides going into a speciality sunglass store the best way to find the perfect pair of sunglasses is to find yourself a face fit chart so you know what size to ask for. Just like if you were getting a haircut, you need to know what type of frames would fit your head. It seems to be that here at Temple most of the females are wearing the ever-popular oversized shades.

Whatever blazer you choose, whatever sunglasses you put on – be sure to always wear a smile!

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