STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Rollin’ Up & Keeping it Loose

“Hello, mates! How ya doing?" I am trying to recall how my British friend would greet me in the mornings of summer camp. Why British you ask? Well, today’s Fashionista currently works at a British inspired café in the city. I felt as though her outfit practically had Great Britain all over it. To me Britain fashion has tailored, pressed and sophisticated casual look to it. It is my belief that Britains look good all the time, especially when they are sipping their afternoon tea.

Today's Fashionista sports oxford easy suede shoes as well as a heavy pair of socks and rolled up jeans. These jeans look to be a heavy-weight pair and a short length version. By rolling up the jeans slightly one can have a peak at the socks. Following up her figure she is wearing a loose white blouse underneath a loose-fitting black sleeve shirt. Pairing the top of the outfit is a leather square-like purse offers some sharp lines in what is mostly a flowing outfit.

To the Fashionistas and Fashionistos looking mimic this look take inspiration from elite British magazines and try to wear clothing that it not as tight around the body. If you find yourself mainly wearing leggings, the switch it up and put on a pleated/pressed skirt. Remember dressing classy is always in style!

Hint: Now is the time to be loose and airy. Put on your British accent and try a new look today. And if you cannot find new clothes, try the accent!

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