TREND: Brighter Colors

It always amazes me how creative people can make fashion statements during this cold weather. Even though I have lived in this northeast-like winter weather all my life, I have not become use to the brutal cold. It seems the only way to battle this cold weather is the use of bright colors; which remind us all that spring is just around the corner.

I personally have a bright pink peacoat, a warm cashmere and wool blend. When buying a winter jackets, the time to buy is now. Currently winter clothing is marked-down to the lowest prices of the entire year. Take a hint from fellow Fashionista/os and their use of bright colors. Why buy a black jacket when you can buy a nice yellow or torquoise one? If you can afford it – choose wool blends over polyester because wool is much warmer. If you cannot afford a wool coat or a brighter coat then another way to add bright colors to your outwear outfit is to use bright colored scarves. Many scarves, like coats are also on sale, check out this Forever 21 scarf. Again when buying scarves, if possible buy wool scarves. If you have a knitting friend then buy some thick wool material for them and ask them to knit one for you using large needles. Large needles will allow for a nice chunky stitch. I made my mom a scarf for christmas, similar to this one. I made mine from alpaca!

Make spring closer Fashionista/os!

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