TREND: Spring Flare

Here in the 19122 of Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia, Temple Fashionistas/os have been feeling the chill. By chill, I mean, we are trying to stay warm and fashionable in weather with wind-chills down to the single digits. We are facing snowstorms and cloudy days, while other Fashionista/os face the sun, like down at the University of Miami. Last week UM TREND Style Guru, Claire Arritola, spoke of plaid being a winter staple of the Northeast. At the time of this writing, I have yet to see any plaid here at Temple this semester and maybe a few times last fall. This winter season seems to be just getting underway here in the Northeast and I am hoping the spring comes soon. I spotted this lovely winter jacket on this Fashionista and it really prompted this idea of spring flare. As soon as I had the mindset of "spring flare," I began to see more and more of subtle hints around campus, especially looking at jackets. Her jacket has delightful pleating details and color that allures to spring. Spring up your fashion flare and take inspiration from Anotonio Berardi and his feminie jacket. Jackets that hold a dress-like shape have become a great way for Fashionistas/os to hint at spring. I suggest checking out Chadwicks to look for some great winter coats that have interesting cuts. Chadwicks feature petite, tall and women's coats, so it has a grand selection at reasonable prices. You can find this bright flare peacoat currently on the site for $75!

So, encourage spring to come to you by thinking of coats as dresses!

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