What to Wear

Question from Andrea: At the University of Oregon, winter is often rainy and freezing. I tend to grab my leather jacket too much during this term. What would you recommend wearing to go out for drinks even if the weather is rainy and cold?

My Advice: Weather can definitely make dressing challenging, especially when you want to look fashionable but not freeze to death. I would recommend giving your leather jacket a rest and save this piece for spring. My favorite jacket to wear in crummy weather is a faux-fur piece that can easily be found at your local consignment shop. Faux-fur immediately gives an instant glamourous boost and takes an outfit from casual to dressy. Without a doubt, this jacket will keep you warm from the nasty rain while letting you to stand out from your friends. And, if you are like me, wearing a standout piece makes a winter night out worth-while.

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