For quite some time now there’s been an area of fashion that few people tend to tread because they feel that it’s for the select few New England boarding school or Ivy League goers, but adding a touch of preppiness to your look may not be so difficult. Maybe it's just me because I happen to have gone to boarding school and can't get out of my own way. However, I truly believe that despite our individual personal styles, we all have a little bit of a prepster inside of us who wants to wear a rugby, polo shirt, pastel cables or colored pants at one time or another. However, often times dressing for our preppy side seems like an outfit investment because once you add a little prep, you have to go all the way.

This Fashionista proves that you can throw in some preppy styles without being consumed by them. The trick is to add something less refined (in this case her jeans) but then tie the outfit together by bringing the two looks together, which this Fashionista does with her brown boots. Collared or ruffled shirts are an easy way to add some prep to your outfit, but also a nice rugby shirt every now and then can add a little something extra to your outfit. Luckily, none of these items are all that difficult to get your hands on.

If you want to channel the same look as this Fashionista, try pairing this rugby with these jeans and pair it all off with a cute pair of plain flats or a pair of loafers. If you do want to go all out, however, pair this adorable skirt with a simple white oxford and tie it all together with a basic pair of black riding boots. There are many great combinations and varying degrees of how much prep you can add to your style, so here's my final advice: go forth and let your inner prepster shine, it's completely achievable.

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