TREND: A Delicious Coat-ing

At a mere five foot one inches tall, I would consider myself on the petite side, which I think holds me back from sporting certain styles. I've always avoided longer coats, opting for shorter, fitted ones, in fear that a long one would drown me or make me look too young. That all changed today when i spotted this Fashionista gliding across campus in an ensemble equal parts feminine, chic, and simply adorable. She too is petite but dares to wear a mid-thigh length coat. All fear aside, she actually flaunts it quite well. The charcoal coat features an angled collar and a slight hour-glass shape. This quirky collegiate left her the coat unbuttoned, which allows her outfit underneath to shine through. This transforms the coat from the centerpiece to a complementary piece. Under the cozy coat, she dons a lovely loose-fitting ivory top with lace detail at the collarbone. This adds a glamorous and girly touch to her fall ensemble. She layers an ash gray sweater over the top which peeks out under the jacket.

On bottom, this Fashionista sports dark-wash skinny jeans and a darling pair of mutli-colored, yet perfectly subtle flats. The detail on them is unique and beautiful, but they do not distract from her overall look. To finish the look off, she carries a textured cream-colored tote and tops it all off with a dazzling silver headband.

I admire this Fashionista's ability to sport multiple fabulous pieces that compliment each other rather than clash. She looks tasteful and cute and has inspired me to seek out an equally flattering longer coat.

If you are looking for fabulous and functional fall/winter coats head to stores such as Bloomingdale's or Express.

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