TREND: A Couple or Two

You stand there, looking and looking, and nothing seems to be working for you. What do you wear? Well, you could wear what you wore last week, but that isn’t very fashionable of you; don’t go ruining your reputation now. So, you call your significant other/friend/sister/whatever, and you figure that whatever they’re wearing will suffice to give you a good clue as to what to put together. When you finally meet up, you’re glad you didn’t pull a Justin and Britney, but your coordination is smoother and not so out there.

There is no real topic that can be formulated from these pictures, just that our first and second couple’s looks can be deemed fashionable. With couple one (main picture) we have a very chic and poised, yet unkept look about the Fashionista, whilst her boyfriend has more of a schoolboy-ish, tidy look. Looking at this fellow Fashionista, you can see that she picked out various components that comprised her trendy look. Something that is key to her look is her blazer; she chose a simple and classic looking one that really outshined the rest of her pieces. You don’t have to stick to blazers, click here and you could choose a parka or tweed jacket that could have also gone well with her ensemble. Everything flows, from her nude-colored sandals, to her cargo pants even her wayfarer. The large white shirt is another key piece that made her look untidy, but it all fit together.

Going onto couple number two- we can see a more similar correlation between the colors and style. We have the guy who chose the light-khaki skinny pants, paired with the black loafers, which gave him a fitting look. By choosing the blue-yellow striped button-up he merged the colors to contrast nicely. To top it off, his gray shawl cardigan made the look more hipster, yet nonchalant about it. With the girl, we have an oasis of gray in different shades. The blue button-up is a piece that doesn’t take too much from her look in its entirety, but it adds a more cheerful disposition. What I like about their looks is that they merge, they don’t clash and it doesn’t take away from each other.

When you want to mix-n-match with someone else, you always have to keep in mind to not dress like a set of twins. Choose looks that fit personality and expand on being able to still keep one’s identity. In the end, fashion is all about being able to have an identity.

Hint: Be sure to go above and beyond the typical accessorizing. Choose a statement necklace, wear HUGE sunglasses, and embrace the power of a belt.

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