TREND: A Fashionable Fly Fellow

I’m always charmed by fashionable fellow's ability to pull off bold style choices with ease. This Fashionisto created a stellar clothing combo of successfully mixing dressier and funky pieces so naturally. The contrasting prints work perfectly here to create a hip and smart fashion sense.

The lavish royal purple of his plaid shirt stands out amongst his gray suite. And whether you associate the plaid work shirt with '90s grunge or ranch hands, it’s a staple that is deeply rooted in American style. While ladies have pranced around town in this trend, it’s his variation that makes plaid so rad. Combining with the trend with his underneath striped shirt, he rebels against the age-old rule of not wearing print on print. But in this case, rebelling crafts radical coolness. The sports coat adds a dimension of classic chic to the otherwise trendy ensemble. It has a great modern fit including a little bit of flair without being over the top. Gray is definitely the new black this season and it looks good on any man. Scanning the outfit, his footwear is the definition of “bam!" Revealing a loud sense of color confidence the bright turquoise adds youth and light to the outfit. It adds hipster edge that identifies coolness. Contemporary and classic pieces create an ensemble for this Fashionisto that any Fashionista would be proud of.

Hint: For trendy male attire check out Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom. Even digging through your local thrift store is sure to find you some rad blazers or basic layering tees.

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