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Question from Jessica: I go to school in Newport Beach, California and noticed that you always recommend vintage shopping as a solution to saving money and finding unique clothing. I don't know too many vintage stores in my area what do you recommend I do and are there any vintage online shops? 

My Advice: You hit a soft spot for me because vintage shopping is my favorite activity. I am not familiar with vintage stores in Newport Beach but do know there are some incredible flea markets in the LA area. For starters, Melrose Trading Post is held every Sunday and is full of rare jewelry finds and retro clothing pieces. It's not too big but you will surely snag a gem while there. Also, Pasadena City College Flea Market is held the first Sunday of each month and is HUGE. Huge doesn't even do it any justice and if you have some free time this Sunday I recommend allotting a half day to this activity. Besides from these two popular flea markets LA is home to some awesome vintage stores. The Way We Wore is a personal favorite and of course thanks to Rachel Zoe Decades is another store worth checking out. But if taking a trip to LA isn't in your crazy college schedule then hitting up some online retailers is always a suitable option. Nasty Gal updates their vintage selection rather often as does Spanish Moss. Other key players in the online vintage space are EtsyeBay and ASOS Marketplace. Last but not least, turning towards your grandmother's or mother's closet is a great way to find vintage pieces for free. Check out an older post on recommendations when flea market shopping. Happy Hunting! 

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