A Few of My Favorite Things…Masquerade

Last year for Halloween I was completely unorganized and was left without a costume the day of Halloween. In a panic, I purchased a cheap, nothing special mask from a costume shop, threw on a fur bolero, and called that my Halloween costume. Lame- I know. This year, I have been planning my look for weeks and have decided to perfect my Masquerade themed costume from last year by creating a thoroughly coordinated a look. The most crucial element of my costume is by far the mask. I am allowing all other details of the look to spiral from this "wow" piece. Halloween for Fashionistas is double the amount of fun because it means getting crafty and making a costume that shows how truly creative you are. With three days to go, it's time to get planning. If you're in a rut about what to be, and don't plan on going as like Lady Gaga or Snooki like every other person, find a exotic mask and create a costume around that. 

Feathered Mask

Colombina Foglia Mask

Leather Mask

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