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While scouring the pages of CollegeFashionista it becomes quite easy to get lost in the photos and the impeccably dressed college students around the world. So often our Style Gurus will photograph really exotic and unique outfits that make you wonder where those items possibly came from. Usually after reading the Style Guru's feature in detail, you learn those truly unique items came from a local thrift store or a vintage flea market. These days with everything being so mass-produced, finding quirky pieces have to come from one-of-a kind vintage stores that you snag an item no one else could possibly have.

In a series of my photographs, I captured festive looking Fashionistas at the Fairfax flea market where I tend to hang out on Sundays when I am in Los Angeles. Three years ago, I met Christine Graza, a vintage curator who collects vintage clothing from all over the place and restores the pieces to perfect condition. Sometimes Graza will alter vintage items to create really unique one-of-a kind pieces for her customers. Graza has a brilliant eye for patterns and material, making her shop an absolute must for most Sunday flea market shoppers.

Naturally after years and years of collecting vintage clothing and redesigning pieces, Graza has decided to create some of her own one of-a-kind pieces. Starting with a line of caftan-isque dresses (one that I actually worn in my WhoWhatWear feature in September), her designs can be worn and re-worn a thousand different ways.

With her website launch right around the corner, I decided to spotlight her designs as a Few of My Favorite Things this week!

Continue to check out MelroseSpace10.com for updates on new arrivals and loads of cool vintage pieces.

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