Most guys are typically two things when it comes to dressing: comfortable and mismatching. Despite some of their best efforts, some can never quite grasp the concept that just because a shirt and pants are the same color, it does not automatically mean they match. For this reason, you can imagine why many girls, especially myself, swoon at the sight of a well dressed man. More importantly, you can understand why girlfriends everywhere purchase clothes for their guy in a sneaky attempt to educate them on the rules of fashion 101.

The Fashionisto above seemed to know a thing or two about dressing well (that or he had a very fashionable girlfriend). I was extremely impressed to find that not only was he matching, but he also was wearing one of this summer’s hottest trends: tribal print. The burnt orange pocket, which sat on the left side of his PacSun crewneck tee, housed a detailed tribal design that was perfectly prominent yet sophisticatedly simple. His black and white accessories added to, but did not consume his outfit and were essential for the 4th of July festivities.

Fashionistas, as we get deeper into the summer months, here is a list of ways to incorporate tribal print into your look.

Spotted: Donna Karen featured tribal print in an assortment of bold colors during her spring 2012 ready-to-wear runway show.


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