While the title spotlights this Fashionista’s belt, I’d also like to bring attention to her fabulous tattoo. I have found, since getting inked myself, that tattoos can often become an extension to an outfit. It is very much a permanent fashion statement as well as a personal statement.

Like mine, this Fashionista’s tattoo paid homage to her sister. It’s a pop of color and often a great conversation starter but also a very intimate memento that we keep dear to our hearts and out on our sleeves.

Let’s refocus on her fantastic woven belt. Belts are a simple way to bring together an outfit and highlight your waistline. We, I included, have often fallen prey to the allure of cheap belts from various chain stores. Let me encourage you now to invest in a sturdy leather belt like this Lucky Brand belt or this Urban Renewal belt by Urban Outfitters. If it squeaks when you bend it or shines when it really shouldn’t, steer clear. At the same token, invest does not mean splurge. Splurge on well-fitted shoes or a handbag that will last you a lifetime. There is a time and a place to splurge on belts and for most of us college students that time is not now. Invest in a great leather belt from a thrift store. There are mountains of affordable, unique and high quality belts all around.

This Fashionista cinched together a pair of vintage pants from a store called Lucky in Ballard. The warm brown tone matched her gladiator wedges and brought the summer outfit together impeccably. Low key, high class.

Spotted: Belts adorned Chloé’s fall 2012 ready-to-wear line.

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