ACCESSORIES REPORT: All That Glitters is Gold

As busy college students, we don’t always remember to add the final touches in life. Whether it’s a period at the end of a sentence, sugar in a cake batter or putting your car in park while rushing into your building, important things get lost in the shuffle. Even though accessories are small and more often than not overlooked, they are a final touch that deserves to make its way into your wardrobes and into your collegiate lifestyle.  One accessory however, is an essential: shoes!

Shoes can change the whole look of an ensemble.  Today, the world of footwear isn’t so black and white. Heels don’t always mean dressy and flats aren’t just for ballerinas. This week’s Fashionista makes a bold statement in her bold outfit with her equally bold shoes. See what I’m hinting at, fashion enthusiasts? Be bold!

This is the one and only thought that comes to my head when I see something fantastic: “That is so cool, unique, and tasteful. Why didn’t I think of that?” With this week’s Fashionista, those two sentences were blaring in my head.  She was with a group of her friends having dinner. Her ensemble was perfect for the occasion. She wore a geometric patterned frock that appeared to be from the 1960s, which is my second favorite decade in fashion. I was instantly intrigued. Along with her Twiggy-esque dress, she wore fanned and beaded earrings, a black cross-body bag and the most fantastic pair of dazzling gold boots I have ever seen.  I’ve seen my fair share of glittered footwear. I’m beginning to feel ill as obnoxious glimmering UGGs and TOMS creep back into my memory. These boots, however, were different.  They were practical. As I write this I can imagine a plethora of times one could wear them. Those boots could certainly be a staple in one’s wardrobe. They were bold yet muted. All in all, this week’s Fashionista struck gold!

Spotted:  Carine Roitfeld’s 2013 gold fashion show. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Everything was gold. I mean everything!

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