Ok, I’ll admit it. Running isn’t my favorite form of exercise.  In fact, I think it’s my least favorite. I’ve never experienced that “runner’s high” that my track star sister always talks about. However, a few days ago, I decided to test my luck and ditch my swim cap and goggles for a pair of Nike Frees and dry ground. A swimmer my whole life, I never really invested in or cared about my workout attire besides my wide variety of Dolfin swimsuits. Hence, I set forth on my run wearing a Rosie the Riveter T-shirt that I purchased in seventh grade and a pair of even more outdated gray shorts. It was not my finest moment. I felt as though I had shamed every student, alumni and faculty member of the Fashion School at Kent State University. Forgive me!

While huffing, puffing and sweating my life away during that treacherous run, I spotted this week’s Fashionista. She appeared to be everything I was not in that moment: cool, calm, and collected.  The Fashionista looked like she stepped out of a Nike advertisement. She wore the brand head to well…leg. No, she was not sporting Nike footwear. What hugged her feet was something I’d never seen before. I was baffled. Her toes were covered by individual pockets that kept the natural silhouette of her foot. I was immediately intrigued and knew that she must appear on this week’s post because she owned perhaps the most interesting accessory in existence. That afternoon, I was introduced to Vibram FiveFingers. This Fashionista certainly knew how to leave a footprint. Later that day I went online and delved into the world of Vibram. There were so many varieties I could hardly believe it! How many toe-out shoes could a Fashionista/o have? Well, if you enjoy running, hiking, swimming or taking yoga classes, this interesting and innovative company can help you put your best foot forward.

Spotted: Unfortunately Vibram Fivefingers have not graced the runways as of yet. However here are some tennis shoes by Marc by Marc Jacobs from his spring 2012 collection.

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