ACCESSORIES REPORT: Baby You’re a Firework

As the temperature heats up and the weekend approaches, more and more people are planning some much needed R&R.  This little break from the eight to five desk job so many of us work is a great opportunity to flaunt our summer wardrobes.  Between backyard barbeques, picnics and fireworks, the weekend brings with it many occasions to showcase our inner Fashionista/os, which we sometimes have to suppress when getting dressed for work.

At a Fourth of July picnic, I spotted this Fashionista sporting a patriotic blue eyelet lace dress adorned with a bright pop of coral, my favorite summertime color.  From head to toe, this outfit was perfect for such a humid day because it allowed this Fashionista to beat the heat without sacrificing her style.  The sandals were nice and light and the cross-body bag was big enough to hold the essentials but small enough to stay out of the way and not add unwanted bulk on such a steamy day.

However, the real firework display on this Fashionista’s outfit was her coral statement necklace.  Statement pieces are a great way to liven up any outfit no matter the season.  Not overwhelmed by other bulky jewelry, this accessory really took her outfit to the next level.  The size and color of the necklace stole the show and drew all eyes to our lovely Fashionista.  She may work in an office every weekday wearing nothing but business casual clothes, but this weekend outfit made our Fashionista the belle of the ball!

Spotted: Coral necklaces transitioned from summer months into the fall season in Lele Sadoughi‘s fall 2013 collection.

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