A backpack may be a no-brainer for the everyday studious college student, but an accessory of such versatile function doesn’t have to be reserved for just bookkeeping. In the popular canvasleather or suede, a double shoulder bag can easily extend from the constraints of a hectic school day as a comfortable go-to carryall. Around the college campus especially, the backpack far outweighs the benefits of the common purse, handbag, tote or duffel bag in practicality, comfort and durability. Whether you’re taking the bus, your bike or your feet, a backpack offers a hands-free commute. Usefulness aside, a backpack also contributes to a unique professional atmosphere that can be personalized to one’s own style.

This Fashionista transports a staple Hershel Heritage backpack from Hershel Supply Company. With an intricate pattern design, maybe of mountain and river motifs, the camouflage-esque bag, balanced with neutral color palette, adds an interesting and noticeable edge to any daily outfit. Though this backpack “blends in,” it too is able to stand out amongst a colorful ensemble. For an opposite approach, Hershel also stocks signature backpacks in bright teal, yellow and orange that give an eye-catching appeal amongst basic construction. The Hershel, simplified in its design yet vintage at its roots, makes for a classic closet essential. For an equally vintage yet busier and youthful approach, try the feminine Madden Girl floral pack or the pastel patterned Roxy mini.

If backpacks aren’t your thing, there is always a close relative: the messenger bag.  Don’t mistakenly think these sleek shoulder bags are secured for men only. Sometimes referred to as a satchel or cross-body, these bags allude security with a sideways perspective. Just like the backpack, the good messenger is perfect for carrying the weight of a laptop, camera equipment or just school supplies, but in contrast, these bags have an obvious ease of accessibility for the on-the-go personality.

Spotted: DKNY gave looks a color-blocking lift with carried backpacks in their spring ready to wear this year.

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