ACCESSORIES REPORT: Basics and Baseball Hats

This week’s Fashionisto knows the versatility of the baseball hat. Despite his hat being colorful and somewhat quirky, he has made it work with his outfit. This Fashionisto has kept his whole outfit on the neutral side to keep the focus on his colorful hat. A faded chambray button-down adds trendiness to the outfit keeping this Fashionisto looking fresh. Basic khaki-colored jeans are a refreshing take on pants instead of plain blue jeans. Brown leather sandals complete this Fashionisto’s look. With braided details, these sandals jazz up a normally basic shoe. The hat is the piece “de resistance” to this Fashionisto’s outfit — it screams playfulness with its bright colors and stripes.

The baseball hat is one accessory most Fashionistos have in their closet, but how do you add new life to an otherwise well-loved accessory? You make it new with new trends! If your favorite baseball hat happens to be from one of your favorite teams try to dress it up with a casual blazer and a simple T-shirt. This outfit can go two different ways: keep it basic on the bottom with dark wash jeans or go with the latest camo trend and opt for camouflage cargo pants. If your baseball hat is patterned go for an alternate pattern in the same color scheme on the bottom. Top this look off with a chambray shirt like this week’s Fashionisto or go for a plain white T-shirt — both are sure to be crowd pleasers!

Spotted: Baseball hats were given new life on the Woolrich Woolen Mills spring 2013 menswear runway show.

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