These past few weeks have been hot, humid and extremely sunny.  It’s bad enough to open the door and let in the scorching heat, let alone actually venture out in it!  This daring Fashionista decided to spend her evening walking around an outdoor shopping center and eating dinner out with some friends.  Despite all of the heat advisory warnings plaguing the Midwestern states, this Fashionista went outside and left the comfort of her air conditioned house.  After all, who wants to be cooped up inside all summer?  Not me, that’s for sure!

I myself decided to brave these hotter than usual summer conditions and left my air conditioned house in search of some of the best frozen yogurt in town.  When I came across this Fashionista, I was surprised by how put-together she appeared.  I felt like a sweaty, frizzy mess standing next to her!  Her white summery dress combated the heat perfectly and her topknot stylishly kept her hair out of her face.  She decided to keep her outfit pieces to a minimum, which was a smart idea in this heat.  Her cross-body bag matched the black design of her dress without adding too much extra weight or bulk to her simplistic summer outfit.  She also kept it light with the jewelry and avoided bulking up her neck and arms with stacks of bangles or a big, chunky statement necklace.  Instead, this Fashionista opted for a single silver ring in the shape of a cross.  The ring was not extremely noticeable; rather, it was dainty and kept the minimalist theme of this outfit in check on this scorching night.

Spotted: A black cross-body bag in Phillip Lim’s fall 2013 ready-to-wear collection displays the functionality of this wardrobe accessory across all seasons.

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