Summer is the time to be a little daring. It’s the only time of year when teachers and parents won’t call us out for pushing our friends in the pool or pulling all-nighters just because. Summer also involves dressing a little on the wild side. It’s the season of outdoor musical festivals, beach trips and parties with your friends from back home.

Although it is the time to relax, summer can still mean school for some of us. I found this week’s Fashionista lounging around between classes. For such a casual activity, the combination of her printed tote and shorts and striped shirt were far from bland. As someone who is a bit particular about my clothing matching well (flashback to my middle school days, obsessively coordinating the color of my hair tie to my T-shirt), I understand how difficult it can be to step beyond our comfort zone. However, blending prints is the new matching.

Clashing patterns doesn’t always have to be this extreme, although major props to this Fashionista for making “extreme” look so effortless. Tribal print is currently trending, so you could easily find a print that suits you best. If you replace the tribal shorts in this outfit with a maxi skirt, then voilà, you’re only fusing two patterns. You could also mesh prints between a headband and a pair of shoes, with a solid colored dress. The possibilities are endless.

Whichever prints you choose to blend together this summer, remember to always mix it up. Be bold!

Spotted: Dolce&Gabbana’s spring 2013 ready-to-wear collection was eye-catching with its bright patterns. Included were a beautiful mix of printed headbands, handbags, earrings and much more.

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