The day started with a café experience in the warm sun, a nice way to awaken the senses to the day’s endeavors. When I spotted this Fashionista’s accessory repertoire, a thought popped into my head. As you may remember, a few posts ago I focused on the culture of henna and how Bollywood has set a new trend for ornate detailing. I believe that exotic patterns like African and tribal prints have followed a similar track to the runways.

In traditional African wear we see a lot of bright colors – vibrant, loud and rich! This can be seen in jewelry, footwear and dress, specifically in their skilled beadwork that’s involved in these garments. Beaded garments retain the colors of the unembellished versions, but the details are configured into tribal and geometric patterns.

Now this fabulous Fashionista used African-inspired beading in a new way to complete her outfit. Instead of her using a necklace to finish the ensemble she wore a tribal inspired shirt with heavy beading around the need to satisfy the look.

While talking to this Fashionista, she expressed her love for story pieces like tribal patterns and jewelry that has a raw edge, like her silver and turquoise bracelets or animal rings (I like this snake one from Shopbop). While these pieces are all magnificent she also said in order to ground this look she has to pair it all with classic elements, like lady-like-bangles!

Fashionistas, it’s not only just buying jewelry – it’s looking for smart ways to pair accessories with your outfit. Versatile beaded jewelry inspired from a different culture is a great place to start spicing up an outfit. Not only can it save you money on a student budget but it makes for a clever way to be different!

Spotted: African and tribal prints are are sweeping the world of fashion from clothing to shoes, as spotted at Christian Louboutin. Small business owner Abiye-Yvonne Dede even showcases her cultural talents with pieces inspired by her traditions.

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