Made famous by John Lennon, Mick Jagger and other male pop star icons and legends alike, the mod sixties and seventies circle lenses have distinct decade remembrance, though even John Cryer, or “Duckie Dale,” carried the trend forward well into the pop culture of the eighties, while Léon the Professional resurfaced the pair in the mid-nineties. Formally referred to as “teashades”, the thin wire-rim sunglasses are simple enough, yet carry an iconic image of counterculture and unique aesthetic charm, especially when featuring a translucency of color, image or design upon the lenses’ front. This Fashionista  lightly shades her eyes from the summer sun with a pair of tinted cobalt blue Lennon glasses that complements her pale floral dress, avant-garde choice of fashion embellishments and adornment of jewels.

Along with her saturated frames, this Fashionista wears a plethora of other groovy and notable accessories with confident ease: necklaces, bracelets, arm cuffs, rings, a head wrap, suede booties, ankle socks and even a curious keychain that dangles from her cross-body purse, known as the string voodoo doll keyring. For a bohemian style that compares, take a look at this vintage mini dress, a gradated pair of round eyewear and a classic mood ring.

If your search for the perfect teashades is still afloat, try a sleek modern design from Forever 21, a similar pair from ASOS, cool clear frame, purple ombre center seventies shades, lenses with a hologram 3-D design or just a handful of five neon party favor glasses.

Spotted: Diane von Furstenberg is not shy to sunnies, so an assortment of large circle reflective frames were no question for her resort 2012 collection. Miranda Konstantinidou revived a lively and colorful hippie fashion that of course included the staple circle frames.


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