ACCESSORIES REPORT: British Invasion from the Doc

“What’s up, Doc?”

Well, if you really want to know what’s up — here’s the scoop.

Dr. Martens, the quintessential British shoe brand, has become one of the largest footwear trends to be rediscovered by Fashionistas. As spotted recently on Agyness Deyn (current model for Dr. Martens) and Alexa Chung, these boots are all the rage. They are the perfect embodiment of the ’70s post-punk music movement and ’90s grunge revivalism. Basically, I am in love with them.

Anytime I am reading through my latest NYLON Magazine, I can’t help but notice that they are featured in almost every editorial or advertisement. From Daisy Lowe to Sienna Miller, every Fashionista knows these boots are must-have.

That’s why I couldn’t help but notice this Fashionista sporting her pair of Dr. Martens with some high-waisted denim shorts and a studded collar button-down shirt paired with a vintage floral purse. Since I was so excited to see someone else wearing my favorite boots, I naturally (as naturally as possible) caught up with her to snag a picture. We ended up bonding over how obsessed we were with the shoes, and then I asked her where she got her pair (I mean, you don’t always have to buy them at full price, right?). Don’t get me wrong, I think that they would totally be worth it, but my college budget is at its all-time low due to my other fashion necessities. You know how it is, like buying a new studded wrap watch or tribal print crop top for that music festival next week (as you can see I really have my priorities straight).

So, this Fashionista gave me some great tips on buying a pair at a lower price. Since thrift shopping was my next go-to idea, she told me to first look at Buffalo Exchange and see if they had a pair to try on for size. If that doesn’t work, she then suggested perusing the Internet for some deals.

With these ideas in mind, I hope to find my pair soon, but in the meantime I’ll be doc-umenting the latest fashion trends to boot.

Spotted: Combat boots trending in Balmain’s military chic spring ready-to-wear collection.

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