When packing for a vacation, you stare at your closet for a while and realize, I have no clothes! What a joke. Our closets are exploding with clothes, yet we are never satisfied. We dig through the old to try to match it with something new to add some spice to our look, keeping in mind not to pack too heavily since we are only going for the week after all. It’s so hard to plan a whole week in advance; I know that I have troubles just sticking to the outfit I choose for the next day. There are always many things running through your head for what to pack, up until you are on the plane ready to take off and realize: I forgot my toothbrush.

Sure, a toothbrush can be repurchased, but sometimes you just need your own hairdryer, hair products or camis. My dad’s best advice for this situation is to always make a list. That way you can cross off what you have and you won’t miss a thing! I am going on vacation in a month or so and luckily I have come across a few blog posts all about packing efficiently. They all have a list of “must-haves” for perfect packing. Although those lists helped enhance mine, there was something I noticed on this Fashionista as an addition must-pack on my list – her skinny belt!

The belt she has wrapped around her dress gives it an extra pop, as it would for any outfit. If not under the bust line of a dress, I tend to buckle up a pair of white shorts with a sheer shirt so the tan belt peeks through. Belts are a great accessory to add on because it switches the feel of an outfit – around a pair of shorts or jeans, it dresses the look down, and around a high waist skirt or long dress, it adds more to the look for your night out. This glittered skinny belt goes great with the Fashionista’s striped long dress, but so would a tan, dark brown or white belt! That’s the beauty of this accessory; you can get it in a neutral or unique color to mix and match with any outfit, not to mention that you can fit more than one in your luggage!

So next time you are packing for a vacation, make sure you add a belt so you can double-up on outfits! I know I will.

Spotted: Check out the buckled up jean capri in Juicy Couture fall 2013 line! Also, feel free to browse this designer’s looks, as they have multiple belted looks!

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