One of my favorite color combinations is khaki and pink. Khaki is a neutral so you can basically pair it with any shade of pink. Today’s Fashionista chose to pair a light pink sleeveless button-down with her khaki shorts. I like that she tucked in her shirt and added a thin brown belt. She chose a dark brown belt, which stood out against her lighter shorts and helps create contrast. Belts are a great accessory that can be added to almost anything. They are most commonly used with shorts and pants to look cute but also serve their purpose. However, belts are now being seen worn around sweaters and dresses. You can wear a belt around a dress to help break it up and if you’re wearing a neutral colored dress, wearing a bright colored belt can also enhance the look.

Another accessory that I loved in this Fashionista’s outfit was her long necklace. Necklaces are one of those accessories that you can quickly throw on before you leave the house to add a little something extra to your look. I especially loved that her necklace was long and colorful. Most necklaces that you see girls wearing lately are bubble necklaces. And don’t get me wrong, I love the trend as much as the next girl but change is always a good thing. The colorful beads draw your eye towards her necklace and since they gather in a ball at the end they help create the illusion of a pendent.

I am always a fan of classic and colorful looks and I think that today’s Fashionista captures both of these things perfectly. Crazy trends and patterns are great but don’t forget to stick with the basics every once in a while!

Spotted: Belts were wrapped around dresses in Givenchy’s resort 2013 collection.

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