ACCESSORIES REPORT: Collection of Crosses

I found this jeweled out Fashionista strolling around town and had to stop her to find out what inspired her look! The key colors in this outfit are light pinks, blues and sparkling jewelry from head to toe. The blue cross is a great way to keep in touch with what is currently trending. Adding a little color to the religious symbol that has swept the nation as a frontrunner in jewelry. The evolution of the cross as more than just a symbol of Christianity continues as we find more and more people rocking long cross chains, cross rings and patterned cross shirts along with leggings. The cross continues to be a summer statement piece.

If you are looking to live out your rock star dreams and want an accessory a bit more edgy checkout the website for Neccessary Clothing.  Her cross in perspective is a subtle embellishment compared to the elephant ring on her finger and the decked out bracelet. If you would like to still show off your midi rings but also have something chunkier be sure to pair the midi and the more “in your face” ring. I am a huge fan of combining a midi ring with a longer ring that has an earth stone on the top. Celebrities like Rita Ora have been known to do this! Besides the size of her ring what categorizes this particular jewelry as unique is the animal depicted. Jewelry with animals has always been prevalent but different creatures like elephants, owls and snakes have clearly taken off.  Her stunning ring and bracelet against her light pink crossbody bag show her personal style.

Now the final piece of her outfit was the bejeweled bohemian sandals. The sandals incorporated the two colors this Fashionista must love…blue and pink! If there are two things I have learned just by looking at this fashionable diva it is that she loves the cotton candy colors and her jewels! I loved the sandals because they were a gladiator style with an Indian and bohemian aspect to the sandal. Shoe brands like Jessica Simpson, Jeffrey Campbell and Guess have incorporated that look into their shoes.

Spotted: All you Fashionistas out there must take a look at Jeremy Laing’s fall 2013 ready-to-wear collection. At the show this beautiful model is working the runway in a cross patterned outfit! If you love crosses, this is the collection you want.

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