This Fashionisto’s style is part John Wayne, part John F. Kennedy.

While this mash-up seems unlikely and a bit disastrous in theory, it works especially well in practice. From the blue flannel with elbow patches to the cowboy belt and a pair of rugged Sperry Top-Siders, this Fashionisto gave a whole new meaning to the wild, wild West.

As someone who considers himself a cowboy at heart, but with a love for preppy attire, this Fashionisto took the best aspects of each worlds and made it his own. Rather than looking like he’s wearing a costume, there is a nice balance between each source of inspiration.

In terms of balance, the blue flannel from J.Crew best embodies both preppy and western styles. The best aspect of the flannel is the unique construction with its warm brown buttons and brown suede elbow patches. They are classy touches on the overall look.

Along with the buttons and elbow patches on the blue flannel, the Fashionisto chose a brown leather cowboy belt as an additional accent. The brown belt is braided and adorned with silver. It picks up the brown colors from the accessories on the flannel and creates sartorial unity. Most importantly, this belt is especially indicative of western dress.

The Fashionisto further accessorized with a gold watch, Ray-Ban Wayfarers and Sperry Top-Siders.

Interestingly, his watch is modeled after one worn by Prime Minister of Great Britain, Winston Churchill. It was a gift from President of France, Charles de Gaulle. This Fashionisto underscored that recycling trends and styles are welcomed. The same is true for his Ray-Ban Wayfarers, which have been sported by countless iconic figures and are still trendy today. He topped this ensemble off with rugged brown Sperry Top-Siders, which pulled it all together.

Ultimately, this Fashionisto truly is a country club cowboy.

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