With all of our crazy, hectic schedules, it is easy for us college students to lose track of the hours. I have most of my clocks set a few minutes ahead to make sure that I am always on time. While I have thought about purchasing a nice watch, it just has never seemed to be in my budget. However, this Fashionista proved me completely wrong.

When I first spotted this Fashionista, I was instantly drawn to her watch because of its elegance. I was completely shocked when she told me that she had purchased it at Target because I assumed that she spent a ton of money on it. Her high-waisted shorts, white Keds and plain black tank top further prove that it is very possible to stay fashionable on a budget.

Because all of her garments are basic, the watch easily becomes the main attraction of the whole outfit. One great thing about a watch is that it can be worn with literally any outfit, how convenient! Because this Fashionista’s outfit is casual, her arm candy finishes off the look on a glamorous note, without being over-the-top. A simple watch is a must-have for all Fashionista/os. When looking for the perfect watch, find a solid color because whether you are dropping twenty dollars or thousands, you want this piece to be one that goes with anything, so you are always fashionably on time.

Spotted: Giambattista Valli‘s spring 2013 collection shows off many silver statement bracelets that are great for every day. Just imagine if these beauties could tell time!

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