For some, bags are their weakness and they cannot leave a store without buying one. Their reasoning is “you can’t have enough bags!” I agree with those shopaholics and I am admittedly one of them.

Bags are needed for every occasion in life: for school, the coolest backpack; for work, a durable satchel bag; and for going out, a small purse that can hold the essentials: wallet, lipstick and phone.

The best part about a good bag is that it can be used forever. A trendy bag you buy today can be out of style next season, but in a few years, it will be back on the runways again! I am a firm believer in keeping all of my bags for that reason and I am acquiring quite the collection.

This Fashionista’s peach shoulder bag is one of those bags- it used to be her mother’s! I think it is the ultimate accessory of her outfit. Its light orange color reminds me of a peach, which makes it the perfect summer bag. It also makes her professional looking outfit fun and girly.

In addition, the bag’s beautiful leather material makes it sophisticated and chic, while also making sure it retains its rectangular shape. If this bag were made of any other material, the outfit would seem less put together. Its length is ideal, too. The purse ends just where her shorts do, which draws attention to her tan legs.

This Fashionista’s purse is very versatile. It can be used to add a feminine flare to a dressy outfit or it can be donned on a casual day with jeans and a white T-shirt. This Fashionista wore the bag on her shoulder, but the wrist strap makes it easy to transition from day to night. Take off the shoulder straps and voila, you have yourself a great and sizable going-out bag!

You can create curves by tucking in a shirt to high-waisted shorts and adding a belt. This Fashionista wore a dark brown belt to accentuate her waist. Her statement necklace is all the rage this summer and the turquoise in it matches her turquoise ring. Her sandals have a small heel adding to the professional look of her outfit.

Spotted: Shoulder bags were seen in Bulgari’s spring 2013 accessories. 

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