When it comes to searching for great style, the sporty category often gets overlooked. A well-dressed Fashionista is typically categorized as a woman in heels, a classy dress and accessories to match.  But this is the 21st century and anything goes these days.

Sporty doesn’t have to mean washed-out and grungy.  Take this Fashionista for example.  She was out for a jog with her dog in these hot summer months trying to keep her bikini bod in tip-top shape.  She was certainly not letting the heat to get in the way of her workout, just like she wasn’t letting a jog act as an excuse to take a break from being fabulous.  Donning fun, sporty, cropped printed leggings and a classic black tank, this Fashionista was ready to conquer her run in style.  She could’ve been boring and worn black on black, but these printed leggings added a touch of originality and a whole lot of “Hey, look at me!”  Her crisp new Mizuno shoes also contributed a pop of purple to her all black and gray outfit.

Another accessory I love in her outfit (other than the handsome dog alongside her) is the armband that held her iPod in place.  She was able to listen to music without having to hold a sweaty iPod in her hand, which works out well because she needs that hand to hold onto that good-looking boy!  Between her printed leggings, colorful shoes, iPod armband and her ever-so handsome dog, this Fashionista was the epitome of fit and fabulous!

Spotted: Fun, standout leggings in Stella McCartney’s spring 2009 adidas collection can’t be missed on the road and demand attention from passersby!

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