The Fourth of July is the ultimate occasion to mix and match your red, white and blue pieces. Whether you opt to break out the faded overalls with a red bandeau or a flirty frock from Lilly Pulitzer, it’s all about infusing your own style with a little patriotism. Creating a look for the Fourth of July does not have to be a struggle, just revert to your basics and then add a few touches of red, white and blue.

This Fashionista opted to keep her look classic and relaxed by pairing dark skinny jeans with a white sweater and a few patriotic pops of color. The accessories are crucial in making this outfit perfect for the Fourth, however they are also able to work separately for a year round look. Without the red belt and blue statement necklace this ensemble would be fit for any day. However, the combination of these pieces creates the perfect holiday weekend look.

When shopping for Fourth of July accessories don’t forget to purchase things that you can incorporate into your wardrobe at other points throughout the year. Statement necklaces are a great piece to invest in, they bring color and structure to any look. This Jeweliq neck candy would go perfectly with a Fourth getup, but also could be paired with a white blouse and pencil skirt for a day in the office. A red belt is another accessory that can make an outfit feel patriotic; this ASOS version is inexpensive and incredibly cute. The key to dressing for The Fourth of July weekend, or any festive holiday is combining your basics, such as blue jeans and white T-shirts or sweaters with your red, white and blue accessories. When you layer and combine these pieces they will culminate in a relaxed and chic Fourth of July ensemble. However, independently they are all functional for any day.

Spotted: Dolce & Gabbana mixed and matched red and blue accessories in their ready–to–wear collection. The pops of color paired perfectly with the floral frocks but would look just as adorable with a jean shorts and tank top for a summertime look.

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