Geek or nerd-inspired glasses are becoming really popular in the fashion community. The oversized glasses are not just for your average geeks or nerds anymore. They have officially evolved into a closet essential for Fashionistas. You can not only get them for style but you can also wear them as your normal everyday glasses. Brands like Ray-Ban and Michael Kors have several cute styles with this inspired look.

This Fashionista wore the classic geek-inspired specs in black to complement her white and black ensemble to a summer concert. Whether they were for everyday wear or just to add a finishing touch to her ensemble, they were a nice touch. It brought her outfit together nicely for the summer concert or it would have also been nice for a night on the town with the girls. If you like this Fashionista’s glasses, you can find them on ASOS the Jeepers Peepers Black Glasses¬†or if you want an edgier look you can go for the gold-armed AJ Morgan Geeky Glasses also from ASOS. These are a trend that will stay around for a while, whether the classic black or the round or cat eye frames that are also out now.

Spotted:¬†Geek glasses were spotted with a twist on Prada’s spring 2013 ready-to-wear fashion show. The glasses were adorned with plastic flowers around the top of the frames. They matched perfectly with the flower print filled spring collection. The style of glasses were spotted in the colors white, black and tortoise.

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