It’s December so it is time to face the facts. It’s getting cold out there, and not in the, “oh no, its chilly—let’s throw on a sweater” cold. We are on the brink of “my skin is red/I can’t feel my fingers/let’s just stay in” kind of cold. I know I personally struggle finding ways to ward off frostbite while still remaining fashion-forward.

But then I spotted this Fashionista and my faith in looking chic while cold was restored. Besides her sleek leather boots and all black varsity jacket, what impressed me the most was this Fashionista’s scarf/hood. The accessory was one I had never really seen before and it seemed like something legends are made of. One part scarf; one part hood; 100 percent amazing.

Let’s break it down further, shall we. The thick, waffle knit is not only a nice little detail, but also protects the Fashionista against harsh wind gusts. By opting for a tighter knit, it only makes the pattern more vibrant and adds further warmth. Another pro? The oversized nature of the scarf. It really makes a statement and provides plenty of coverage. I also love that she opted for gray over black. The added color against the otherwise dark ensemble brings some light to the look.

So instead of stacking your Netflix queue and stocking up on canned goods in preparation for hibernation, embrace the cold in style by wrapping yourself up in schood (scarf + hood).

Spotted: Marc Jacobs’ fall 2012 runway show was the true embodiment of taking this oversized scarf trend to the extreme.

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