The word gold is usually associated with terms such as cheap, heavy and bling. But when I hear the word gold I think of classy, sophisticated and chic. The once so ever popular metal from the ’70s is the comeback kid of the decade. Fashionistas everywhere are turning to the color gold for a more eclectic and distinguished look.

This timeless look can be adapted to any style. This Fashionista pairs her gold necklace with a simply cut houndstooth dress and black flats. These two bold trends from the ‘70s are making their way back and are getting attention for all the right reasons.

I am not saying go out and turn your closet into the movie The Gold Member, but a little splash here and there will not only make you trendier, but also will bring life back into your wardrobe. This season my favorite accessory is a gold geometric shaped necklace. This is because it goes with everything in my closet and always creates a different look.

For going out on the town, rock a gold pair of pumps that look classy but still make a statement. Going out with friends at the mall is no problem; just grab your new gold clutch and turn heads. For meeting a new cutie for coffee, I would definitely wear a gold necklace to impress.

Gold is perfect for any look making it a necessity, and nothing screams trendy than a gold watch, purse, necklace or pumps. So next time you are out shopping with the girls, be daring and go for a metallic beauty; you won’t regret it.

Spotted: This trend was spotted in Michael Kors 2013 resort collection.

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