As much effort as we Fashionistas like to put into our outfits each day sometimes there just isn’t the time or brain capacity. Especially when you’re taking a full course load during the summer and the heat is draining you to a point of exhaustion, coming up with a clever outfit can feel like rocket science quite literally.

It is during these estranged mornings that you are willing to roll out of bed and just throw on the first thing that your eyes lay upon. This can result in a multitude of ensemble mistakes ranging from pajamas to gym clothes or even wearing lazy sweatpants to class. On a rare chance you might end up with something sweet and simple like this Fashionista’s attire.

Focusing on blue and white, this Fashionista played around with textures, patterns and lengths to create an outfit that is not only appealing to look at as a viewer but according to her took less than five minutes to create. However it was really her shoes that caught my attention. Their perforated texture mimicked her polka-dot dress in such an unexpected yet completely perfect way.

When I asked what made her decide to put on this particular outfit that day she stated that it was because the dress was the first thing she saw in her closet that morning and the shoes matched the dress. She made it seem like such a mindless thought process where I myself seem to struggle each morning by going through at least three outfit changes before finally settling on something half-heartedly. None the less the lesson I have learned to take away from this Fashionista is that the next time you find yourself scrambling in the morning for an appropriate outfit remember to keep it simple, keep it sweet and if the shoe matches, that’s all there is to it.

Spotted: This season Céline was all about keeping things simple and strong all the way down to the matching shoe.

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