ACCESSORIES REPORT: It Bag To Relaxed City Chic

Sit back and close your eyes Fashionistas/os. Now imagine the busy streets of your hometown, picture the downtown square, the stores, wall graffiti and tags. Then picture the people. Focus further on the people walking the streets. You might see businessmen and women, the extreme the people in their jogging suits and lastly the city grunge. Then you see the girl wearing her running shoes with her ultra cute outfit. This unfortunate combo makes you squint your nose in disbelief. Admit it. We’ve all seen it.

Nowadays, we all seem to have this brick wall between business dressy and active casual when living in the city, even when it comes to accessories! As easy as it is to pop on your joggers, it takes the same amount of time to pick a comfy relaxed option.

Look and embrace relaxed city chic Fashionistas/os, because you will soon enter the lovely medium of dressy with an edge, especially when it comes to accessories. Look at this Fashionista. She is rocking a sky-high slitted maxi skirt matched with the iconic baby cropped T-shirt of the 80s’. You can just picture the movie Girls Just Want To Have Fun with Sarah Jessica Parker in her cute pink and white cropped top.  She looks clean and easygoing. In order to make her outfit more relaxed, without running shoes, she incorporated embossed leather sandals.

While the leather sandals offer a relaxed vibe, her bright blue toes and nails added a pop of color that the outfit needed. This was seen on the runways at kate spade and Dolores Cortes. Talk about urban chic like graffiti walls!

Having the best accessories of the season, such as this Fashionista’s Rebecca Minkoff bag, really helps an outfit stand out. This summer, any girl or guys that’s fashion forward has a stylish summer bag, like celebrity style mavens Lauren Conrad and Blake Lively. These cross-body bags are all the rage!

Spotted: The 2013 runway saw bold nails at Stella McCartney and Kenzo. Even Jeremy Scott infused a city feel to his collection!

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