Although it has been raining for what seems like a lifetime, the weather finally decided to give us a break. But the sunny weather isn’t always bright and comfortable, especially when the climate resembles that of a South American rain forest. Yikes! So what is there to do? Surely one cannot sit inside all day glued to an LCD screen. Go outside! Who cares about the weather? Everyone gets hot and uncomfortable. The challenge though is to avoid feeling disgusting, and the solution is simple! By wearing simple and lightweight garments with a dash of dainty accessories, people will mistake your sweaty struggle for a glowing sheen!

It was last weekend. The time was a little after one. It was sweltering.  If only I had opted for shorts instead of leggings to be paired with my tattered Free People tunic. If only. In my moment of sheer discomfort and dehydration, this week’s Fashionista appeared. I wished I was her. She looked so cool, figuratively and literally. She wore a pair of denim shorts matched with a plain olive green tank top. It was the classic look of summer.

Her accessories, however, made her ensemble 100 percent her own.  Instead of throwing her hair up in a Miley Cyrus-style topknot (which I am currently rocking,) she fashioned her hair in a way I have never seen before. The Fashionista French braided her hair and tucked it under. She tied a headscarf around her unique hairstyle to give a pop of color to her face. This week’s Fashionista also carried a clutch that demonstrated one of my favorite color trends, neon and neutrals together. She altered the already-awesome bag even more by adding a few pins to its exterior. She also wore a pair of aviator sunglasses. Last but not least, she donned a unique layering necklace. You know, not every ensemble needs a statement necklace. It’s easy to stay cool this summer. Just take a tip or two from this Fashionista!

Spotted: Marc by Marc Jacobs‘ spring collection 2013 showcases the headscarf.

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