Pre-fall sales are a beautiful thing, not only are next seasons styles making their debut for the first time but you can purchase these items at a sale price that cannot be beat. Once you have officially blown through a months worth of rent and the reality sinks in that there is still a substantial amount of time before fall attire is considered appropriate dress, think again. This Fashionista shows us how next seasons fall boots can be this season’s next trend. Watch out mile high club, this Fashionista has started a club of her own that will have everyone wanting more.

The best thing about boots is that they make a statement; so many different looks and personas can evolve from simply wearing the same pair of shoes. This Fasionista’s lace-up boots paired with jean cut off shorts, loose tee and fringe bag leave her with an indie fit straight out of a Free People catalogue. Not to mention pairing a tall boot with a shorter dress, skirt or short in the summertime can give you legs for days, making you look slimmer and taller with the right outfit.

A tall boot in the summertime is like eating pumpkin pie during the springtime. They are both prone to only come out in the fall, but when they do make an early appearance it is both unexpected and well accepted.

 Spotted: Be sure to check out Just Cavalli pre-fall 2013. Their amped up accessories include knee high boots that will be hard for any Fashionista to resist.

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