When I was in high school I became obsessed with high heels. In my adolescent opinion tennis shoes and flip flops were the best way to ruin a good outfit and my feet have suffered greatly for this mindset. Having to trek across campus with 10 pounds of text books for hours a day is not something you want to do in a stiletto as I quickly learned. Now as a senior in college I literally laugh out loud that I belittled such a smart and comfortable shoe option for so many years.

One of the reasons I used to look down on the tennis shoe was because to me they seemed so bland. This Fashionisto however reminded me of the amazing versatility you can get with a tennis shoe through the simple and inexpensive option of switching out the laces.

I remember in the ’90s when everyone seemed to own at least a dozen pairs of different colored and patterned laces and depending on the outfit of the day the laces would change. Wanted to wear a red dress with white Keds? Then you would mix and match with some red laces or better yet get extra funky with polka-dot patterned laces. This Fashionisto chose to go for a matching ensemble by opting out normal white laces for blue laces to flow well with the rest of his blue based outfit, overall making him a cool sight to see on such a hot day.

Spotted: Salvatore Ferragamo was seen sending boys down the runway sported in tennis shoes this past spring in a variety of bright colors and mix and matching laces.

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