Leopard print is very worldly—not only is it seen in the jungle, but on the streets. Despite its penetrating presence, not everybody knows how to rock it. When people wear it, they are aiming to make a statement, but sometimes people go overboard. Since it is one of the boldest prints to wear, you need to be bold but not over the top when rocking the feline print.

This Fashionista boldly wore two different leopard print accessories, and she does not look like Cruella De Vil—it was the perfect amount! She looks effortless and chic.

I am not normally a fan of belts. But when I must wear one, I tend to stick with the standard black and brown colors and medium width. This Fashionista confidently sported trendy yellow pants with not just any belt, but an animal print one and it immediately caught my eye.

Because her pants are such a bright color, the eye is immediately attracted to the brown hues of the leopard print in her belt. In addition to keeping her pants up, her belt brings together the rest of her outfit and makes the transition from her bright pants to her white shirts less abrupt.

The color of the leopard print is an added plus. It is the ideal shade of leopard print; making a statement while not being over the top.

Her belt also created a general brown theme to the rest of her accessories. It makes her cute, also leopard, brown leather sandals blend in with the rest of her ensemble. Additionally, her tortoise shell sunglasses stick with the overall brown accessory theme, while also protecting her eyes from the blazing sun.

Spotted: Leopard print is seen on the streets and the runway. It, along with other animal prints, was seen on Lanvin‘s pre-fall 2013 runway.

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