Lately, I have been into the whole unisex look and I mean really into it. I have been buying oversized button-ups, oxford shoes and tons of snapbacks. Snapbacks, I hear, are all the rage among the cool kids on the block. They are the best kind of hat for any head size and gender, which is why I have been stealing my brother’s hats these last couple of days.  I know I sound like a total guy right now but don’t get it twisted. I wear my snapback with a little feminine swagger.

Snapback hats started off as a headwear only for baseball players. Now, female artists like Solange Knowles and Va$htie wear them. These women are creative and follow their own guidelines. I have seen them wear their snapbacks with feminine clothing like dresses. But hey, a snapback is, after all, a cap. Any cap’s basic purpose is to protect your head and shade your face from the sun. Snapbacks are casual and trendy. They can turn your outfit from casual to urban chic.

Guys do not have as much leeway as ladies do with the snapback. They can only wear it so few ways, but the way this Fashionisto keeps it casual is right on! Use your snapback like you would any accessory, meaning you can color coordinate with your hat.  Just like this Fashionisto pops out the red from his snapback with his royal red Keds. Using a snapback to bring out a color in your outfit is a perfect way to keep it casual and fashionable.  But if you’re bored of the casual look and you’re looking to take things up a notch, you can wear the hat with gold chains and similar accessories for an urban chic look. Any sort of accessory can be added to your outfit along with your snapback, whether it’s sunglasses like this Fashionisto’s or gold chains. Play around with your snapback and let me know what you get out of your look!

Spotted: Junya Watanabe is all about the headgear in this fall 2013 menswear collection.

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