Recently I have been on the hunt for a stylish and functional rain jacket. However, in the mean time I have resorted to using an umbrella when the weather turns rainy. Unlike the raincoat, which conceals your outfit, an umbrella protects you from the rain and still displays your stylish look. The umbrella is an extremely underrated accessory, especially for the summertime while it is just too hot to add another layer to your look.

This Fashionista was walking to a summer class when I spotted her dual color umbrella and striped sundress look. In the midst of the drizzling rain, her red and blue water protection added another dimension to her casual daytime look. Through opting out of a raincoat, this Fashionista got to show off her chambray button-down and sundress combination. The sleek and striped maxi fit her slender frame perfectly and the jean shirt provided a juxtaposition of textures. Additionally the compilation of these two pieces with the triangular fabric of the umbrella is playful. The various shades of blue, red and white all fuse to culminate in a perfect rainy day look.

When shopping for umbrellas there are infinite patterns and styles to play around with. Try choosing a bold fabric to brighten up your gloomy days. Red and yellow are great hues for lightening up a rainy afternoon and they both pair nicely with blue jeans and a tank or a simple summer frock. Like this Fashionista, try fusing different patterns with your pieces. Zigzags are playful for the summertime and wouldn’t overwhelm a sleek sundress, similar to this Fashionista’s. Be sure to keep the silhouettes simple, so that the patterns will not overwhelm you. So next time it starts to drizzle don’t hide your stylish look underneath a rain jacket, opt for an umbrella to spice up your outfit and showcase your ensemble.

Spotted: Burberry ended their fall ready-to-wear show with different colored striped umbrellas that would be the quintessential topper to a rainy day look.

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