Sometimes your accessories don’t have to be overt or very in-your-face. Many times, the best accessories are those that look like natural additions to the outfit and may not stand out as much.

This Fashionista is exemplifying the traditional, but somewhat updated sense of the all-American girl. From the subtle red, white and blue of her outfit, to the classic jean jacket and her delicate silver jewelry, each seems necessary to complement the rest and gives a subtle air of classic Americana.

Jean jackets are definitely considered a timeless piece, but seem to be having a reprise recently. With this new influx of jean jackets and vests, knowing how to style such a classic piece through both clothing and accessories is a definite must. I do not foresee these leaving street style anytime soon.

My advice—if you are looking to make your jean jackets work for more than just a barbecue or baseball game, take a page out of this Fashionista’s book for how to make it work for a night out. Keep your accessories on the minimal or neutral side, but of course slap on some sky-high heels to ensure the confidence and height are there.

Like always, accessories have the opportunity to dress up and formalize any casual outfit into something much more dynamic and eye-catching. By purchasing a few specialized accessories, you essentially double your wardrobe, definitely a plus for all of us broke Fashionistas! Be sure to invest in classic accessories, as these will be what pays off in the long run and can always be stacked or combined for a more dramatic look.

Spotted:  This look from Just Cavalli spring/summer 2013 collection shows the versatility of a denim vest. It has the ability to be made much more formal with the addition of choice accessories.

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