Ever since I started wearing accessories I remember thinking that there was some mathematical rule about the amount of jewelry one should be wearing. I also took caution whenever I wore busy patterns because I didn’t want to overwhelm my outfit with big jewels and big prints. However, now that I’ve had practice in the accessories department I’ve realized that no mathematical equation or secret number can tell you how many jewels will top off an amazing outfit.

I came across this impeccably dressed Fashionista last weekend when out to dinner. She was wearing a flowy and flattering black and white patterned dress. I couldn’t believe that this dress was from Forever 21. It looked expensive and had amazing details like an open back with zipper detail and high-low hem. You can find a very similar style on Forever 21’s website. 

Although this dress has a busy print, this Fashionista dressed it up well with just the right amount of accessories. Although most would sway away from big statement pieces when wearing a pattern, I think that every outfit should have at least one statement piece. This Fashionista chose to wear a metallic rhinestone statement necklace that accentuated this patterned dress perfectly! In addition, she added a leather bracelet with gold chain detail that was simple enough to go along with this patterned dress and statement necklace.

I think that big, metallic statement necklaces are great pieces to turn an outfit from day to night! If you purchase metallic statement necklaces in neutral tones such as gray, black, gold and silver, you can pair the piece with just about anything — even a patterned dress! Juicy Couture always has a great selection of metallic jewels such as this collared rhinestone piece and this cool rhinestone and pearl necklace.

So next time you’re thinking of going without jewels remember that sometimes more is less!

Spotted: This awesome Jason Wu handbag is the perfect metallic piece to help your outfit make a statement!

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